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<title>Backwards </title>
<strong>Let's think backwards for a while.</strong>
Start with <a href="">this brilliant <strong>reverse-reverse performance</strong> video</a>. (Make sure to watch the whole thing.)
Only after you've seen that can you appreciate how much work Jeroen Offerman put into <strong><a href="">Stairway at St. Paul's</a></strong>.
I love that <a href="">Fela Kuti never performed songs after he had recorded them</a>. (<strong>Backwards record-release</strong>?)
Has anyone heard a truly <strong>backwards song structure</strong>? (Chorus, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Verse?)
Not backwards, but I always admired that <a href="">Dancing Queen</a> starts with the pre-chorus (“You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life...”).
The <strong>backwards romantic relationship</strong> is used sometimes in movies: start fighting immediately (hate eachother at first), then merely annoyed, then in love, then passionately physical, then notice things they like about eachother, then co-exist. Another variation is <a href="">Benjamin Button</a>, of course.
See the brilliant <a href="">Memento</a>, where the <strong>story is told backwards</strong>, showing the ending first and the beginning last. (If you've seen it once, see it again. It's even better the 2nd time.)
The dot-com era had plenty of <strong>backwards businesses</strong>: start by making a ton of money (IPO), (now have 500 employees), then build solid business infrastructure, then spend a lot of money marketing, then figure out what you really have to offer, (now only 100 employees), then try to make a profit, then brainstorm really good ideas, (now only 10 employees), then close the business, and the founders go work for someone else.
(Also there are <a href="">reversible business models</a>, but that's mirror-image, not backwards.)
<strong>What else can go backwards?</strong>
<img src="" width="300" height="322" alt="backwards" />
<p class="small"><em>Thanks to <a href="">Joano Lippi</a> for the Stairway link.</em></p>
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