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<title>Real rebellion is going to school wearing a clown suit </title>
<p>When the subject of <strong>rebellion</strong> comes up with friends, I often quote this great phrase from “<a href="">Lonely Dissent</a>” : </p>
[<strong>Real rebellion</strong>] doesn't feel like going to school dressed in black. It feels like <strong>going to school wearing a clown suit</strong>.
Today <a href="">Jason</a> pointed to <a href="">this YouTube video of Peter Schiff</a>, <strong>two years ago, predicting exactly what's happening in the U.S. economy right now</strong>. (<a href="">Click here to watch even part of this video</a> to really understand the point of today's post.)
Every other expert on the show is <strong>laughing out loud</strong> (literally), scoffing at him, saying that's the most ridiculous thing ever. (Then watch those same experts make predictions about 2008 that could not have been more wrong.)
<strong>For all you musicians and entrepreneurs who are used to having people tell you your plan, band, or company will never work</strong>, let this be a great reminder of what real rebellion feels like, and how sweet it is when everyone else is wrong. :-)
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