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<title>Heartwarming compliments about my e-book </title>
My <a href="">e-book, “How to Call Attention to Your Music”</a>, just got a <a href="">wonderful compliment from Ari Koinuma</a>.
... his ability to cut through the muck, fluff and BS to the core of things. He’s able to distill issues down to its core essence. Just read that thing, and marvel at how concise that is.
Then I get this great email about it from <a href="">Boundless Gratitude</a>, that I think sums up my writings better than I ever have!
Now let me get this straight, my brother. Are you telling me that effectively <strong>marketing my music is basically a diligent, disciplined and focused process of making more friends, caring about them and showing them that I care?</strong>
Am I understanding you correctly, or am I missing something? If I go all out to <strong>make really good music AND to really enjoy my fellow human beings at the same time</strong>, does that mean that I either get paid or die of starvation (but with a big smile on my face because I was having such a good time)?
Give it to me straight, partner. Don't pull any punches. Because right now, I'm thinking that <strong>the joy I get out of making music will grow exponentially when I get real about “marketing” it, because the marketing will be just as enjoyable as the music!</strong> (Sure, the money I make should grow too. But the money is so small right now that it could go exponential and still be invisible. :-))
If you haven't read it yet, <a href="">please do</a>. It's free. :-)