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<title>Across the Universe </title>
Just saw <a href="">Across the Universe</a> last night.
Surprisingly good! Some brilliant arrangements of Beatles songs. The actors did all their own vocals amazingly well, with the help of auto-tune in a way that only musicians will hear.
CD Baby artist <a href="">Dana Fuchs</a> stole the screen as Sadie, and there was a big scene with <a href="">Bread and Puppet</a>, who I know from my circus days. <a href="">Martin Luther</a> from the San Francisco area did an amazing job of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” and if that was him doing a Jeff Beck style instrumental guitar melody to “Day in the Life” then I'm even more impressed.
Best thing was the creative re-contexting of songs, like “I Want You (She's So Heavy)” as Uncle Sam and Statue of Liberty as the I and She. A great reminder that <strong>context can change everything</strong>, another subject I should rant about some time.
Just don't expect it to be a movie, really. It's really more of a <strong>2-hour music video</strong> with just a few bits of non-singing. Very worth seeing for anyone who appreciates great vocals, and new arrangements and contexts for the well-known songs.
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