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<title>Selling music by solving a specific need </title>
<em>(Someone asked me how they could sell more of their instrumental music. My answer:)</em>
For instrumental music, it sells best if you <strong>tie it into a purpose</strong>.
Massage music sells very well. <br />
Yoga music sells very well. <br />
Instrumental Christmas music sells very well.
... all because they're selling <strong>more than just harmony, melody, arrangements</strong> : they're selling something that non-music people find useful. <strong>They solve a problem</strong>.
Different example:
<strong>Imagine two candlemakers.</strong>
One says, “<strong>My candles have only the finest wax with the best quality wick!</strong>”
The other says, “<strong>These are prayer candles. Light one whenever you pray.</strong>”
There are dozens of people who will buy the first.
But there are <strong>millions</strong> who will buy the second.
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