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<title>... until I know how to do it, then I stop </title>
Great quotes from <a href=";en=d3a4d36bf153bbf4&amp;ex=1368504000&amp;partner=permalink&amp;exprod=permalink&amp;pagewanted=all">Robert Rauschenberg obituary</a> in the New York Times:
<blockquote>“Fear in life is the fear of change. <strong>Nothing can avoid changing</strong>. It’s the only thing you can count on. Because life doesn’t have any other possibility, <strong>everyone can be measured by their adaptability to change</strong>.” </blockquote>
... and ...<blockquote>“<strong>I usually work in a direction until I know how to do it, then I stop</strong>.”
<img src="" width="500" height="351" alt="Robert Rauschenberg" />