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<title>Never have a limit on your income </title>
A <a href="">wise man</a> said, “<strong>Never have a limit on your income</strong>.”
Example he gave:
If you sell pens for a living and someone orders a million pens, no problem! You just place an order with your manufacturer for a million pens, get them to the customer, and celebrate.
But if you do hands-on massage for a living and a recent spot on Oprah gets you a waiting list of 10,000 people, “you'll wish you were in the pen business.”
Point being : <strong>if you make a living only providing an in-person (hands-on) service, you are limiting your income</strong>. If you were in a “while you sleep” business, there is no limit to how much you can make.
So... <strong>what about musicians?</strong>
For the last few years, many people have suggested that the products (CDs, even downloads) are now just the free giveaways to get people to go to the show - that musicians are only in a hands-on service-provider business now.
Of course I disagree because I watch CD Baby pay more and more to musicians every month (while they sleep).
<strong>Musicians MUST NOT buy into that “only earn by performing” belief because it limits your income</strong>.
I spend a LOT of money on music, but haven't been to a live concert in years. The recorded music has great value to me, whether MP3s, CDs, or even subscription services.
<strong>What other ways can music be a “while you sleep” income-earner for musicians?</strong> (STUPID BRAINSTORM WARNING:)
<li>write songs for others to perform</li>
<li>creating commercial-use music (that businesses will use in advertising, for example)</li>
<li>getting your music into film/tv</li>
<li>paid-area access to your web-archive with all your music, even works-in-progress</li>
<li>make it easy for fans to donate</li>
<li>create a recognizable brand once, then license the name or model to others (like “Chicken Soup for the Soul”)</li>
<li>franchise your band: train multiple bands how to sound just like you, then all can go tour, while you get royalty when they do</li>
<li>creating music-education programs used by many schools</li>
<li>release your unmixed tracks for fans to remix, letting them sell the remixes on a 50/50 split</li>
<strong>WHAT ELSE?</strong>
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