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<title>Wikinomics at work </title>
<p>If you own or run a company, and haven't read <a href="">Wikinomics</a> yet, you really should.</p>
<p>It gives some amazing examples of how companies in many different industries from gold mines to pharmaceuticals are learning that if you give anyone-interested full access to the data, they collectively can do much better work than any in-house staff.</p>
<p>Seth Godin pointed at a new example of <a href="">how this is working picking winning stocks</a>.</p>
<p>Of course I've been thinking about the different ways this could apply to CD Baby.</p>
<p>I started with a tiny move, letting anyone <a href="">skin the website</a>.</p>
<p>Any ideas for other places the world, collectively, would do a bunch better job than a few people, in-house?</p>