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<title>What it would be like to open up ALL aspects of CD Baby </title>

<p>Had an interesting conversation with an ex about what makes you feel loved.</p>

<p>Turns out we had quite opposite definitions.</p>

<p>Mine was <strong>feeling transparent.&nbsp; Holding nothing back.&nbsp; Revealing everything, faults and all</strong>, and still feeling accepted.</p>

<p>Later, I was thinking about CD Baby and how fun it's been to open up and show our numbers. (See a history of this, below.)</p>

<p>Then I was thinking about collaboration, Wikipedia and all that.&nbsp; How the collective intelligence of the world is always better than what you've got in-house.</p>

<p>Combine those two thoughts, and I'm <strong>imagining what it would be like to open up ALL aspects of CD Baby</strong>:<br />* show not just our sales numbers, but ALL numbers, including expenses, salaries, income, taxes and everything else<br />* (clients' and customers' info would be show only collectively not individually, for obvious privacy reasons)<br />* if a paper supplier sees what we're paying for our mailers and knows they can beat it, they can contact us to let us know<br />* show performance numbers, such as # of CDs shipped per-day, emails answered per-person, # of albums added each day<br />* post audio of our company meetings on the site for all to hear<br />* open all of our internal knowledge-base, form-letters, etc<br />* encourage suggestions on how we could be running things better<br />* open the PHP source code that runs the site<br />* allow any webdesigners to make their own CSS skin for the site<br />* encourage corrections to anything on the site. spelling fixes in artist bios, etc.</p>

<p><strong>I like this for a few reasons:</strong><br />* keeps us on your toes by encouraging competition<br />* reminds us that the real value here is in our relationships with the musicians.&nbsp; anyone can take our PHP source code and make &quot;another CD Baby&quot;, but not anyone can win the trust and relationships we've built one at a time over the last 10 years.<br />* makes us double-check our internal decisions against public scrutiny.&nbsp; &nbsp;(we already always do this, but this would emphasize it even more)<br />* shows everyone we've got nothing to hide.&nbsp; that we really are trustable.&nbsp; (hey - was there any doubt?)<br />* gets others involved.&nbsp; allow anyone to buy shares in the company, so they can have a vested interest in our success.<br />* makes it easier to get our financials to our accountant&nbsp; :-)&nbsp; (“just go to the site. it's all there.”)<br />* it's contrarian.</p>

<p><strong>What are the downsides?</strong><br />* big security risk if my PHP code has bugs that can be exploited to get customer/client data<br />* pain in the ass, having to hear the world's opinions on every internal thing every day.</p>

<p><strong>Any benefits or downsides I'm missing?</strong></p>

<p>A walk down CD Baby numbers-posting memory lane...</p>

<p>2002-01-03 = <a href=" ">3147 checks for $69,050.13 last week!</a><a href=""><br /></a></p>

<p>2002-01-13 = <a href=" ">CD Baby Has Paid Over $1 MILLION to Musicians for CDs sold</a><a href=""><br /></a></p>

<p>2002-06-04 = <a href=" ">CD Baby Sales - doubled again!</a><a href=""><br /></a></p>

<p>2002-10-24 = <a href=" ">CD Baby has now paid $2 MILLION to musicians</a><a href=""><br /></a></p>

<p>2003-03-11 = <a href=" ">CD Baby pays out $3 million to musicians. Sales doubling.</a><a href=" ">&nbsp;</a></p>

<p>2003-08-12 = <a href=" ">$4 Million Paid to Musicians. Sales keep growing.</a></p>

<p>2004-01-13 = <a href=" ">CD Baby sales doubling. Over $6 million paid to musicians.</a><a href="">&nbsp;</a></p>

<p>2004-02-16 = <a href=" ">CD Baby passes $10 MILLION in CDs sold</a><a href="">&nbsp;</a></p>

<p>2004-03-30 = <a href="">Over $7 million paid to musicians. That's $100,000 a week.<br /></a></p>

<p>2004-10-22 = <a href=" ">CD BABY PAYS $10 MILLION TO MUSICIANS FOR CDs SOLD</a><a href=""><br /></a></p>

<p>2006-01-03 = <a href=" ">CD Baby pays $429,023 to artists for THIS WEEK alone</a><a href="">&nbsp;</a></p>

<p>2006-02-08 = <a href="">CD Baby CD sales chart through 2005</a></p>

<p>2006-06-06 = <a href="">Biggest one-week CD Baby payout ever : $1,046,317</a></p>

<p>2007-09-04 = <a href="">Sales numbers at CD Baby</a></p>

<p>2007-09-07 = <a href="">How much each Digital Retailer has paid (+ %)</a></p>

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