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<title>Learning the theme, not the example. </title>
Learning how to read metaphorically was a major turning point in my life.
At Berklee College of Music our teacher Rob Rose made us read the book “<a href="">Positioning</a>”, about defining a marketing niche for your business.
It was the first assignment of anything non-musical in years. I resisted. <em>(“But that's not about music! There's no mention of music at all! What the hell is this? I just want to be a successful musician, not learn how to be some corporate suit!”)</em>
But then he showed us how to apply this to our music: Even though they make no mention of music, just <strong>translate the examples to whatever you're doing</strong>.
Aha! So obvious, but I'd never looked at it that way before.
<li>My band might get more famous if we dominate a tiny niche instead of trying to please everyone</li>
<li>My recording studio might get more business if I specialize in recording only vocals, and make that clear in my name and marketing</li>
<li>As a freelance guitarist, I might get more gigs as a funk specialist instead of general-purpose</li>
OK. I was getting the lesson. This isn't even about Positioning. It's realizing I can learn how to advance my music career by reading <a href="">books that make no mention of music</a>. (In fact I'll have a <strong>competitive advantage</strong> by doing so, since most musicians won't!)
I try to write articles on this blog that apply to entrepreneurs and musicians of all different pursuits. But sometimes when I read the comments, which only talk about the specific example I used, I think <strong>I should have been more clear that it was metaphorical</strong>. For example:
<a href=""></a> is not about free CDs - it's about strongly communicating to your audience how important it is that they have this thing you created, no matter what price.
<a href=""></a> is not about giving yourself a grade - it's about realizing what makes you feel fulfilled, so you can design your life or business around that pursuit.
<a href=""></a> is not about finding a venue - it's about making your own outlet when the existing outlet isn't ideal.
But <strong>that's one thing I love about comments: they let me know when I've been unclear</strong>. In future revisions, I'll probably add something to make it clear that the example I'm giving is just one example, and that the theme can be applied in different ways.
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