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<title>Highest book recommendation: Ignore Everybody </title>
It's been years since I've recommended a book to everyone I know, but this book is so perfect for those balancing creativity and business, which is almost everyone I know. Including you.
It's called <a href="">Ignore Everybody</a> by Hugh MacLeod. You can read my notes at <a href=""></a>
He's a successful cartoonist who worked for 10 years as an advertising copywriter. Read his story at <a href=""></a> (Warning: he swears.)
He really gets and speaks to that dark struggle that artists go through: wanting to quit your day job, selling out to get successful and having it fail, or having it succeed, or not-selling-out and having it fail, or having it succeed.
But this is not a self-help book! He's slightly cranky, very realistic, and can describe your situation exactly since he's been there himself, then say, “But here's what I've noticed...” - and give you an insight you'll find useful for your own career or art.
It's a short lean book. Perfect for those who rarely find the time to read a whole book.
See my notes at <a href=""></a> and borrow it from your local library, buy it from your local store, or click the Amazon link on that page.
<em>(I read it as an entrepreneur and former professional musician, but I'd love to hear your unique opinion on it, so after you've read it, please post a comment at <a href=""></a> when you have a minute.)</em>
<img src="" width="124" height="187" alt="Ignore Everybody" />