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<title>... desperate? Part 2 </title>
When I started writing yesterday's post, “<a href="">Does it help to be desperate?</a>”, I was originally going to try to answer the question myself. I spent a few hours writing about it from different angles, hoping to come to some brilliant insight. Instead, in the end, I left it unanswered, asked for everyone's thoughts, and got some amazing responses.
The thoughts fell into four categories. Here are some highlights. Click their name to go to their original comment. Thanks everyone for all of your thoughts!
<h2><a href="">survivor bias</a></h2>
<li>“If it hadn't been for dumb luck we'd be using him as an example of what not to do.” - <a href="">Chris Nelson</a></li>
<li>“We don't hear about all the others who took the same approach and had to give their island back, right?” - <a href="">Benjamin Doerr</a></li>
<li>“This sounds like the ends justify the means to me.” - <a href="">Gary McCallister</a></li>
<h2>whatever inspires you to act</h2>
<li>“Desperation makes you move. How you move is determined by your logic.” - <a href="">Peter Ncanywa</a></li>
<li>“When you are down to the last dime in your pocket, that's when you will make things happen.” - <a href="">Victor Pellerano</a></li>
<li>“I doubt that he was ever desperate. Rather, he just forced himself into a situation where failure was not an option, forcing himself to succeed despite the fact that failure was all but a foregone conclusion.” - <a href="">Butch Ross</a></li>
<li>“Do something big, even if it's wrong. At least it's something.” - <a href="">Brenden Mulligan</a></li>
<li>“Are you able to be fully present with your back to the wall?” - <a href="">Monique diMattina</a></li>
<li>“I create my own sense of urgency (without going into debt) to keep motivated.” - <a href="">Stuart Todd Whitworth</a></li>
<li>“He became focused on something when it was about to flop. Focus was the key.” - <a href="">Steve Adwell</a></li>
<h2>stress sucks</h2>
<li>“A small amount of stress is healthy, but too much can cause health problems and even death.” - <a href="">Ryan Chilcote</a></li>
<li>“I would feel like a failure for putting myself in the situation to begin with.” - <a href="">Sue</a></li>
<li>“Being desperate is a death knell. Like attracts like, and if you've reached the point of being 'desperate' it's probably already too late.” - <a href="">Butch Ross</a></li>
<li>“This energy when positively channelled, births ambition, fuels motivation and desire and encourages creativity all of which can help change lives for good. But when negatively channelled, it invites fear, it impedes clarity of thoughts, hampers creativity and self worth, and encourages isolationism.” - <a href="">Charles Nwabueze</a></li>
<li>“It is almost suicide to make decisions on rush.” - <a href="">Andrei SoulsilenS</a></li>
<h2>desperation is not the issue</h2>
<li>“Most people are desperate because of unwise irresponsible decisions. A great business man is a great business man whether he is broke or worth millions. Pressure not desperation is the driving force for the wise.” - <a href="">Tommy Lee Snyder</a></li>
<li>“That's hungry, as opposed to desperate.” - <a href="">Walter Santucci</a></li>
<li>“I would call it extreme trust.” - <a href="">Stephanie Gold</a></li>
<li>“Being desperate implies having no choice.” - <a href="">Mike Danilin</a></li>
<li>“The key is not desperation, but commitment.” - <a href="">Douglas Sjoquist</a></li>
<li>“Remember that no matter how bad the situation, there are always other options.” - <a href="">Jessa Young</a></li>
<li>“It can't terrify you if you have truly accepted the possible outcome of loss. With the intense emotions out of the scenario you are much less likely to make bad decisions.” - <a href="">Monique Rhodes</a></li>
<li>“You have equated financial debt with risk. There's no such thing as debtor's prison in the US or UK, so you could argue that our financial debts are not very risky at all.” - <a href="">Jonathan Byrd</a></li>
So, there's no one answer, and I've got nothing special to add that wasn't already said better by others here.
Thanks again, everyone.