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Eist returns - arcade-puzzle game

Carry Eist through 40 boards, placing arrows on his way to indicate the direction. Descent from the path will make him fall down. Before you touch the board, and put Eist in movement, plan the game carefully. You will have no time to think later.

Level 11

How to play

You need to pick up all artifacts (various animated objects) for the exit to open. Along the way you will meet doors: you need a key to open each one. Use the ladder to cross gaps in the path. It can only be set in designated places. Touch the ladder to pick it up and set it where you need. On some boards you will also meet teleports: they move Eist to each another. Remember: the movement direction stays the same.

Game objects

The level score depends on how many turns did Eist take to complete the level. The video linked below demonstrates how to complete the level 1 in the easiest (not the fastest) way.

Level 1 for beginners (YouTube)

Cloud sync and privacy

During the first run, the game will ask you to login to the Hall of Fame or create a new user account. By doing so, you'll be able to sync the game state between devices, and compare your results to other players. The game only stores:

  • player name;
  • player password;
  • last access time;
  • highest level achieved;
  • turns taken on each completed level.

You can not recover lost passwords!

Remember: the password recovery is impossible. Since the game is an open source project, it would be quite easy to steal the players' email database. That's why we do not store them at all. You can create as many user accounts as you want, but you have to care of passwords on your own.

First run

At any time press the player name to open the Hall of Fame window again.

Player button

Pay attention to the Details button at the bottom. Press it to check your detailed results compared to the others on the website.

Hall of Fame

Browse others' scores in the right block of the website:

The game website

Note: the Android version has its own scoring rules, and is not (yet?) integrated with the Hall of Fame cloud service. It uses the Play Games service instead.

Game controls

Game objects

The menu button pressed while playing a level brings you back to the intro screen. Press again to open the...

Settings window

Game settings

  • Exit game - closes the game;
  • Board dimensions - switches the game board size Small / Medium (default) / Full screen. You'll have to start the game again. This also affects the Level editor;
  • Reset the game - clears all settings and locally saved results (reverts the game to out-of-the-box state);
  • Import user levels - imports user-defined set of levels from external .zip file;
  • Restore levels - clears user-defined levels, as well imported as self-developed;
  • Level scores - display results saved for each level;
  • Manage players - allows to delete a player or create a new one;
  • Log me out - signs you out from the Hall of Fame cloud service;
  • Close - closes the settings window.

Note: the Import user levels and Restore default levels buttons will clear saved scores.

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