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Wallpaper manager for Sway, i3 and some other WMs
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Azote is a GTK+ 3-based picture browser and a wallpaper setter, as the frontend to the swaybg (Sway/Wayland) and feh (X windows) commands.


Pictures above come from

Also see Azote in action on YouTube.

Project assumptions

The most commonly used desktop background browser and setter is aimed at X windows, and does not work with sway. Since the swaybg command does everything we may need, it's enough to give it a GUI. In order not to limit the program usage to the single environment, Azote is also capable of using feh when running on i3, Openbox or other X11 window managers.

Main features:

  • works on Sway
  • uses own, bigger thumbnails (240x135px)
  • flips wallpapers horizontally
  • splits wallpapers between 2 or more displays


Select the folder your wallpapers are stored in. If it contains a lot of big pictures, it may take some time for Azote to create thumbnails. It's being performed once per folder, unless you clear the ~/.azote/thumbnails folder.

Most of the buttons seem to be self-explanatory, with a little help from their tooltip text. What may not be clear at first is the Apply selected picture to all screens button. Introduced on request (issue #29), it applies unchanged selected picture to all displays, regardless of whether they are currently connected/detected. It may be useful if you often connect and disconnect displays.

Azote, as well as feh, saves a batch file to your home directory. It needs to be executed in order to set the wallpaper on subsequent logins or reboot.


Edit your ~/.config/sway/config file. Replace your current wallpaper settings, like:

output * bg /usr/share/backgrounds/sway/Sway_Wallpaper_Blue_1920x1080.png fill


exec ~/.azotebg

X window managers (i3, Openbox, dwm etc.)

You need to execute ~/.fehbg from your window manager’s startup file.

dwm note:

If you start dwm from a script, it may look something like this:

# Statusbar loop
while true; do
   xsetroot -name "$( date +"%F %R" )"
   sleep 1m    # Update time every minute
done &

# Autostart section
~/.fehbg & 

exec dwm


Packaging status

Arch Linux

Install azote from AUR.

Debian & Ubuntu

Either download the .deb package or follow the instructions in this link to add the repository and APT key.

If the repository & key are added then the package will be updated with the usual apt update && apt upgrade commands.


azote is available in jubalhs home repository on OBS.

zypper ar obs://home:jubalh
zypper ref
zypper in azote

Void Linux

Binary package azote available in the Void repository.

Other Linux distributions:

Packagers wanted!


  • python
  • python-setuptools
  • python-gobject
  • python-pillow
  • gtk3
  • feh
  • xorg-xrandr
  • wmctrl


  • python-send2trash: trash support

Please use assets from the latest release.

Seeing Arch PKGBUILD may be informative.


As well pictures as displays preview inherit from the Gtk.Button class. In case you don't see images inside them, please make sure that button images are turned on in the ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini file:


X11 / feh notice

The background color picker won't be available. You'll also be unable to select different modes ("scale", "max", "fill", "center", "tile") for certain displays. The list of modes varies from what you see in Sway ("stretch", "fit", "fill", "center", "tile").

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