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## Requirements ##
1. A rooted Android system.
2. Running the 2.6.29 or higher X86 kernel with CONFIG_AUDITSYSCALL=y
* For the ARM platform, the kernel must be patched.
2. Running the 2.6.29 or higher x86 kernel with CONFIG_AUDITSYSCALL=y
* For the ARM platform, the kernel must be patched (See section "Custom Kernel").
* We needed to copy over the audit.h kernel header because Google uses clean headers. Their utilities to clean headers are unusable by those not blessed with the power of Google (i.e., the documentation is minimal and the ixd is horrible). More details in the directory structure section.
3. The Google NDK (API Level 10) or the AOSP source code (Tested on 4.0.3 and 4.1.1)
## Compiling ##
### NDK ###
From inside this directory run the following command:
The obj and libs directory will contain the final output.
Currently the NDK's build script targets Android's API level 10 (Gingerbread). Anything before this doesn't work.
The binaries can be tried in an emulator or similarly on a device by following steps:
* In a new directory copy system.img, userdata.img and ramdisk.img from your platform's system images; copy from scripts directory and copy a custom kernel (See section "Custom kernel").
* The system's init.rc needs to be patched according to the patch audit_systemcore_fsinit.patch in patches directory. To update init.rc, you need to unpack ramdisk.img, edit the file and repack. See [Modifying .IMG FILES]( for further assistance.
* The compiled binaries need to be placed in /system/bin and files in AuditAndroid's etc directory need to be placed in /system/etc/audit/. Since the /system directory is mapped in system.img you can place files by unpacking and re-packing sytem.img using [unyaffs](, [remounting or sim2img](
* Run the script to run the emulator.
### AOSP ###
Copy this directory in to the <AndroidBuildRoot>/external directory. Compile Android normally. Then, within your compilation terminal type 'mmm external/<This project's Directory>' to compile in the audit subsystem. Finally, type 'make snod' to rebuild your system image.

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