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jQuery plugin for lazy loading images.


There are many great lazy load plugins out there, but none seemed to capture everything that I wanted to achieve for a project at the time. So I created my own - with the specific aim that it would load different size/quality images on the fly and only when required.



<div class="slacker" data-slacker='{ "sizes":{ "original":"img/image1.jpg" }}'></div> <img class="slacker" data-slacker='{ "sizes":{ "original":"img/image1.jpg" }}' height="120" src="img/some-transparent-image.gif" width="200"></div>

Multiple resolutions

<div class="slacker" data-slacker='{ "sizes":{ "original":"img/image1.jpg", "640":"img/image-640.jpg" }}'></div>

High quality images

You can split any resolution check into high and low quality image options. Slacker will detect if you are using a high pixel density ratio (current check is for > 1). <div class="slacker" data-slacker='{ "sizes":{ "original":"img/image1.jpg", "640":{ "reshigh":"img/image-640-high.jpg", "reslow":"img/image-640-low.jpg" }}}'></div>




Multiple resolutions

$('.slacker').slacker({ sizes : [640] });

Resize functionality

This will allow multiple resolutions to be switched on the fly when resizing the browser.

@resize - true|false; default=true; Enable/disable resize functionality.
@resizeThrottle - (millisecond); default=100; Throttle functionality will control how frequently the window resize event is fired. Higher number is less frequent.

$('.slacker').slacker({ resize : true , resizeThrottle : 100 });


There are two handlers - 'beforeLoad' and 'onLoad'. $('.slacker').slacker({ animate : { beforeLoad : function(el) { el.css({ opacity:0 }); } , onLoad : function(el) { el.animate({ opacity:1 }, 1000); } } });