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cite 'about-alias'
about-alias 'osx-specific aliases'
# Desktop Programs
alias fireworks="open -a '/Applications/Adobe Fireworks CS3/Adobe Fireworks'"
alias photoshop="open -a '/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS3/Adobe'"
alias preview="open -a '$PREVIEW'"
alias xcode="open -a '/Developer/Applications/'"
alias filemerge="open -a '/Developer/Applications/Utilities/'"
alias safari="open -a safari"
alias firefox="open -a firefox"
alias chrome="open -a google\ chrome"
alias chromium="open -a chromium"
alias dashcode="open -a dashcode"
alias f='open -a Finder '
alias textedit='open -a TextEdit'
alias hex='open -a "Hex Fiend"'
if [ -s /usr/bin/firefox ] ; then
unalias firefox
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