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name suggests that is's a module of `node.js`, it is in fact a standalone
runtime that runs apps written in HTML, CSS and node.js.
+It's created and developed in Intel Open Source Technology Center.
# Features
* Write apps in modern HTML, CSS, JS and WebGL
@@ -81,6 +83,11 @@ For more information on how to write/package/run apps, see:
We use [node-webkit | Google Groups]( as
our mailing list, subscribe via [](
+# Old version based on WebKit and GTK+
+`node-webkit` previously was a `node.js` module which created a GTK+ WebView
+based on a custom WebKit, see tag [webkitgtk](
# License
`node-webkit`'s code uses the MIT license, `Chromium` and `CEF`'s codes use

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