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webgl demo not working(webgl in general) in win7?? #185

aremes opened this Issue · 21 comments

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I've been trying to get node-webkit to show any support for webgl under win7, but i've failed terribly.
Both systems i've tried on (7 Home, and 7 Pro) support webgl using chrome(testing done using both as well as a custom html that just tries to get the experimental-webgl context from a canvas node)

trying to run the webgl demo or the custom html file described above doesn't work in node-webkit.
specifically, it says webgl disabled

i installed all the latest graphics drivers on both systems. no change.

graphics hardware is intel HD 945gm and ati radeon mobility hd4330 none of which show up under chrome's unsupported devices list.

btw, i've tried all of this with 0.3.3 and 0.3.2. --> same result.


I'll try it out on mac & linux tomorrow, and will post what i get there..


it should be related to the difference on blacklist between the browser and content shell. Will look into this. Thanks for reporting.


In the meantime you could try with this switch '--ignore-gpu-blacklist', as documented here:


thanks for the quick response! :)

nw.exe --ignore-gpu-blacklist webgl
didn't do the trick on any one of three win-7 laptops i tried while worked fine on all of them..
worked fine on mac without the switch. haven't been able to test using linux yet.


You mean works in node-webkit on win7 but your webgl code doesn't?


no, works within chrome.(so the graphics card supports webgl). within node-webkit however, says webgl ist disabled


I see. We are able to reproduce it here. Will fix this soon. Thanks for reporting.


@aremes , could you please provide these details of the non-working platform:

gfx chip model
gfx driver version


  1. intel 945gm w/ driver:
  2. intel gma 3600 w/ driver:
  3. AMD Radeon HD 7550M w/ driver 8.951.9.3000
  4. nvidia geforce gt 230m w/ driver

still haven't gotten around to running it on linux.. thanks for all the work!


We believe copying d3dx9_43.dll and d3dcompiler_43.dll from the Chrome browser install files to the directory of node-webkit will fix this. Will ship the DLLs in the next release.


Just tested on one workstation which had the same problem, and above solution worked like a charm! thank you very much! ill go ahead and try it on a few other systems today and if successful I'll close that issue.

@aremes aremes closed this

We may not be able to just ship the DLL with our distribution, please see this:


i understand. well, maybe this whole thing could be documented though, maybe in the i'll see if i can figure out some eula compliant way of shipping the dlls with an app.. thanks for the info!


google chrome ships with those dlls.. doesnt seem to care


I have been hit with this problem, in one of the testing computers, and adding those files don't seem to solve it.

The page seems to work in chrome (26.0.1410.12 dev-m) but not in node-webkit while saying: While your browser seems to support WebGL, it is disabled or unavailable.

canvas.getContext( 'experimental-webgl' ); seems to just return null, and using just webgl doesn't work either.

My chromium-args is --enable-webgl --ignore-gpu-blacklist.

The computer has the following:

Windows XP SP3
Intel(R) Q965/Q963 Express Chipset Family
    with driver version from 21-07-2006

Any idea how I can find what is the problem?


Some evolution on this topic?


Seems the problem was Windows XP (or the drivers?). After upgrading to a newer OS it works fine after copying d3dcompiler_43.dll to the exe folder.


where exactly should i copy those d3dx9_43.dll and d3dcompiler_43.dlll files to ? Should they be in the same folder as libEGL.dll ?


@Stefdv Yes, all *.dll files should be in the same directory as the node-webkit executable.



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