Green and pink lines in html5 video #262

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There seems to be an issue with html5 video rendering in the most recent build. Launching with the --disable-accelerated-video switch solves it. Not sure if this is an upstream issue or not, but I wanted to log it here.



rogerwang commented Dec 15, 2012

I cannot reproduce it here. Video like works fine here.

Could you please provide the link to the video and your graphics chip and driver version? Thanks

Hi Roger, I'm using nvidia gforce gtx 260, and I just updated to the most recent drivers, the issue still shows up. Other testers don't seem to be seeing the problem, so it might be limited to my graphics chip. Thanks!

I'm having the same issue here with an nvidia 8400 GS on different webm videos.
adding --disable-accelerated-video also worked.

I just tested this on a macbook pro, and have the same issue, again it has an nvidia card. My problem is that I'm releasing this as a shrink-wrap app (it's boxed), and I can't easily specify command-line params when launching it on windows. Disabling hardware acceleration fixes the problem, but I need to be able to do this from the package.json file, not from the command line. I'm working on a patch right now to enable this, but getting the dev environment set up and configured is a bit of a trick.


Mithgol commented Jan 15, 2013

Have you seen #307 yet?


zhchbin commented Jan 16, 2013

@claytongulick Please take a look at the wiki about chromium-args. I finish it but without test it on MAC due to I can't have a MAC, but I thinks it should work as on WIN. Thanks...

Thanks all, being able to pass in the args in the package.json in 0.4 is a great work-around.


rogerwang commented May 12, 2013

@claytongulick are you still seeing this with 0.5.1?

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