Setting window.resizable to false does not stop re-sizing of window in Windows XP. #273

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Joncom commented Dec 19, 2012

The same packaged app.exe is not re-sizable in Windows 7 (as is desired), but in Windows XP it is. Is there any way to enforce no-resize in XP?

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Mithgol commented Dec 20, 2012

This issue's title currently contains window.resizable == true, but it should be window.resizable == false to prevent resizing, am I right?

Joncom commented Dec 20, 2012

Yes. Sorry about the confusion.

A package JSON file like this works to prevent resizing in Windows 7, but not XP:

  "main": "index.html",
  "name": "nw-demo",
  "description": "demo app of node-webkit",
  "version": "0.1",
  "keywords": [ "demo", "node-webkit" ],
  "window": {
    "icon": "media/icon.png",
    "title": "Scary Chicken",
    "toolbar": false,
    "width": 640,
    "height": 640,
    "frame": true,
    "position": "mouse",
    "resizable": false
  "webkit": {
    "page-cache": true,
    "plugin": false

rogerwang commented Dec 20, 2012

thanks. I just updated the title.


Mithgol commented Dec 20, 2012

Thank you for the detailed JSON.

I see now the same issue on my Windows XP.

I noticed a few inconsistencies aswell. resizable: false behaves differently between Windows (Windows 7) and Linux (customized Linux Mint running Gnome/Compiz). On Windows, win.resizeTo() works, on Linux i have to set resizable to true. While resizing the window on Linux with resizable: true won't make the window any bigger than the width/height of the document, Windows fills the remaining space with a white background.


Mithgol commented Jan 19, 2013

It's not like window.resizable == false does not have _any_ effect in Windows XP: the “Maximize” button in the top right corner of the window is disabled, and the double click on the title is ignored.

However, the window can still be resized by mouse (dragging any border of the window).

Joncom commented Feb 26, 2013

Yes Mithgol, correct. The title of this issue is not accurate.

It should read instead "Setting window.resizable to false does not stop re-sizing of window in Windows XP."

Changed. Thank you.

rogerwang added the native-ui label Sep 10, 2014

Bug is still there with latest NW.js. Tested on Win XP SP3. The window border still can be resized.


ghost commented Dec 20, 2015

I've just tested it on Linux (Xubuntu 14.04), window is still resizable after setting window.resizable to false or calling window.setResizable(false)

rogerwang removed the native-ui label Apr 11, 2016

var gui = require('nw.gui');
var win = gui.Window.get();

works fine on Ubuntu 16.04 (Linux) Unity Desktop environment .

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