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Then "main" property of package.json doesn't accept complicated parameters #274

zhizhangchen opened this Issue · 9 comments

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In the package.json of an application, if I configure the "main" property to something as simple as "index.html?url=test", my application can get that parameter correctly. But something like "index.html?url=file:///c:/canvas" or "index.html?url=filesysmte:file:///canvas" doesn't work.


It's actually worse than not getting a parameter. The main property defined as index.html?url=file:///c:/canvas prevents your application from starting at all.

This field should contain a filename only, I presume; node-webkit does not expect a query string there, and thus the slashes are probably treated as directory names' separators (and the index.html?url=file: directory does not exist, so the main file is never found).

If you need to store some parameters in a JSON file, then you should probably store them is some other JSON file (not in package.json's main field) and read them by your application separately after it starts (for example, JSON.parse( require('fs').readFileSync('your.json', 'utf8') )).

You could also pass some parameters through the command line and read them with require('nw.gui').App.argv later.


The OP just proposed to me that the property should be handled as a URL: file://path/to/package/main_property_string , if the string doesn't have any protocol prefix.


In node-webkit version 0.7.0 the new App protocol was introduced.

That protocol allows "main": "app://whatever/index.html?url=file:///c:/canvas" in a manifest.

If a query string in app:// is correctly processed, this issue should be fixed.

(I haven't yet tested it personally though.)


I've just tested.

The application is frozen on the “Starting...” stage now.


That's probably a separate issue related to the processing of the new app://… protocol.

I've opened a new issue #990 to report it.


@Mithgol still an issue?


@tommoor As far as I see, "main": "index.html?url=file:///c:/canvas" in package.json (as in an example above) still prevents node-webkit v0.8.6 from starting correctly. (It starts, but it does not load index.html.)

However, we should probably decide that the main property has never been intended to work this way — and close the issue. Probably mentioning in the wiki that ?parameters are not allowed when main contains a filename.


And I've just mentioned it in the wiki.


Perfect :smile:

@tommoor tommoor closed this
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