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Install via npm #300

puzrin opened this Issue · 10 comments

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It woud be nice to publish in npm simple downloader, as pnantomjs has:

That will simplify life with npm dependencies.

Related to #4


There's no problem with 100% JavaScript modules.

However, C++ modules cannot be installed this way: npm tries to build them with node-gyp, and node-webkit requires them to be built with, because the ABI is different.

≈40 minutes ago I've opened the npm/npm#3244 issue. Maybe that would help. (In the worse case we could try the approach of #458.)


My npm/npm#3244 issue is closed, wontfix.

Fine, now #458 is the only option.


You should take a look at how appjs uses npm install. Take a look at their package.json's scripts properties. They run some cli commands post install and builds them afterwards.

@rogerwang rogerwang closed this

Note that the default version installed is 0.8.6, to get anything newer you need to specify the version

npm install nodewebkit@0.9.2

@johnwclark The latest version tagged on npm is 0.9.2 so npm i nodewebkit should give you that version now.


@shama , thank you

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