Tray Quirks on Windows #319

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Hover behavior on all Tray menus seems to be slightly incorrect on Windows. Hovering over any item of a Tray menu results in an incorrect cursor being shown, rather than the correct arrow cursor. Is appears the menu is using the last cursor that was used while hovering over the application window.

Also, Tray MenuItems do not lose focus when the mouse is moved out of the menu, and remain "blue" in hue even when the mouse isn't hovering over them. This is inconsistent with other native application tray icons.

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It appears this is actually upstream. The same issue happens in chromium's tray icon for background apps.


Wrong cursors over tray menu is the real problem. I watch them too.


What is the corresponding Chromium issue?


@Mithgol I browsed around a bit but couldn't find any related reported issues. It's possibly unreported, but I have verified that it definitely exists in the latest chrome canary.


Chromium bug submitted here:

I'll leave this open just in case someone decides to make a nw patch in the mean time, as this more heavily affects nw than it does chromium and may not be patched upstream quickly.


Thank you.

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This happens not only on Tray menus but also on Window menus.

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