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Mouse Dead Zone #321

sonicsnes opened this Issue · 2 comments

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For all windows, there exists a zone near the entire outer border of the window which eats mouse clicks.

This can be replicated easily by running the "menus" demo, and attempting to right click near the edge of the window. No menu will appear.

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Update, it seems to actually happen in all windows, not just non-resizable ones. Not sure how I missed that. Updated first post.

@sonicsnes sonicsnes referenced this issue from a commit in sonicsnes/node-webkit
@sonicsnes sonicsnes Remove window draw radius and fix framed mouse capture area on windows
1px draw radius is unnecessary for nw and causes a 1px artifact at the corner of all windows
Fixes nwjs/nw.js#331

We create a mouse dead zone on frameless windows, because the drag handles are only available within the window border -- not outside (as the case is for framed windows). The if block was incorrectly only covering the dead zone on one side of the window -- not all four.
Fixes nwjs/nw.js#321
@rogerwang rogerwang closed this

Unfortunately it seems like this issue is back with 0.10.5 on windows. (only tested windows 7)
I've tested with the basic Frameless window demo and resizable:false in manifest.json.
The 5 outer most pixels on all edges of the window are dead.

@rogerwang rogerwang reopened this
@rogerwang rogerwang self-assigned this
@tommoor tommoor added the bug label
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