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ArrayBuffer returned from a module, not an instanceof ArrayBuffer. #702

mnaamani opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Mokhtar Naamani Boyu Guo weiwenqing Roger Wang
Mokhtar Naamani

An ArrayBuffer returned from a module, is no longer an instanceof ArrayBuffer, consequently any view (Uint8Array,Int8Array... etc.) created from it is zero sized.

code example:

Boyu Guo

I'm blocked by a similar issue.


arr instanceof global.ArrayBuffer ?

Mokhtar Naamani

arr instanceof global.ArrayBuffer is 'true'
the ArrayBufferView constructors need to do a similar check as well. Maybe someone familiar with TypedArrays implementation in node-webkit can have a look at the native code?

Roger Wang

Hello, this is expected. For the reason and workaround, please see #716 .

Roger Wang rogerwang closed this
Roger Wang

And this issue is duplicate with #716

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