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Ibrahim Al-Rajhi

I thought adding this change log might be helpful to anyone who's in the process of upgrading node-webkit. I recently found myself upgrading from 0.7.2 to 0.9.2, and had to go through the process of looking up each "upgrade" post on the Google Group to get a full picture of what I was getting myself into.

This is a first draft. I simply have a version number paired with the release date (which I took from each announcement post's date) followed by a bulleted list of changes. For the changes, I just pretty much copy-pasted the content from each version's respective announcement post. I did some light formatting and summarization of larger changes, especially on the major 0.x.0 releases.

I went only as far back as version 0.6.0, but I could go farther if you want.

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+0.9.2 / 02-20-2014
+- Support skipping taskbar or dock: `Window.setShowInTaskbar(bool)` is added. It can be set from manifest as well. (#1076) (Thanks to Zhang Chaobin & Zhao Zeyi)
+- Support `'inject-js-start'` and `'inject-js-end'` in manifest (#1585)
+- `'new-win-policy'` event now works for windows opened by `` (#1519)
+- `'new-win-policy'` handler supports Ctrl click and middle click (#1547)
+- Support NTLM and the settings (`--auth-server-whitelist`, `--auth-schemes`, etc) (#590)
+- Support app frameworks like AngularJS better by returning HTTP response code in `'app://'` protocol handler (#1314)
+- Fix: crashing when setting DOM event handler `global.window.onkeydown` from Node context (#1562)
+0.9.1 / 02-10-2014
+- Chromium is updated to 32.0.1700.107
+- [OSX] `process.nextTick` will not fire
+- Fix: crashing on `alert()`
+0.9.0 / 02-08-2014
+- Chromium updated to version 32
+- Node.js updated to v0.11
+- nw-gyp updated to v0.12.2 to support VS2013 (Thanks to Robert Konrad)
+- Injecting JavaScript in window or iframe in various cases:
+ - 'inject-js' option in or manifest
+ - 'document-start' and 'document-end' event for iframe:
+ - Window.eval() to execute JavaScript in target window or iframe
+- Better experience for working with native modules if they support Node v0.11.
+- Handler to decide how new window is request from iframe, see 'new-win-policy' event in
+- Overriding 'User-Agent' in iframe:
+- Disable uploading of crash dumps in 0.9.0-rc1
+- Don't use "Upload" in directory file dialog UI (#1457)
+- Remove '--enable-experimental-web-platform-features' from default cmdline to render pages correctly in OSX in some cases
+- Call Node's uncaughtException handler in Node frames
+- Export v8 symbols properly for native modules (#1522)
+- Enable scripts to emulate user gestures
+- Fix: Uncaught exception warnings of SetZoomLevel
+- Fix: Crashing on window.print() (#1545)
+- Fix: Clicking the app reload button followed by a call to the cookies api causes a crash (#1146)
+- Fix: Can't close NW after refresh while using Dev Tools on Windows (#1330)
+- Fix: Fatal error in ../../v8/src/, line 2751 (#1379)
+0.8.4 / 12-30-2013
+- Fix for OSX: the message loop integration between Chromium and Node.js has improved.
+- Fix: Need a way to differentiate Cmd-Q from closing window(s) (#430)
+- Fix: Fix the way we integrate libuv to NSApp (#82)
+0.8.3 / 12-20-2013
+- Remove duplicate Node.js license notice (#1178)
+- Fix: maximize and unmaximize event not fired. (#753)
+- Fix: crash in ClearCache in some cases
+- Fix: Fast open&close devtools crashes node-webkit 0.8.2 on OSX (#1391)
+- Fix: `focus` doesn't work on devtools window (#1387)
+0.8.2 / 12-06-2013
+- Support native Node.js module better by adding deprecated MakeWeak function (#533 #1355). Some native modules can be built with 'nw-gyp' now.
+- Support 'move' and 'resize' events of the Window object (#799)
+- Event support on devtools window object
+- HTTP (proxy) login dialog will be shown for only once on multiple initial requests.
+- [OSX] Turn on `--enable-threaded-compositing` by default (#1340): this fixes the flash for CSS3 animation
+- Cherry-pick upstream fix: Update OOM killer to patch out CFAllocator on 10.9 (#1271 #1277)
+- Crashes when open some window again (#1364)
+- Do not quit on API call on invalid object (#1339)
+0.8.1 / 11-22-2013
+- Node updated to 0.10.22
+- New Window.cookie API: It's for manipulating cookies. See
+- Window.showDevTools() now returns a Window object for the devtools window. So it can be moved/resized etc. Note that the events on this Window is not working yet.
+- Fix: WebRTC audio gets choppy because the device is enumerated twice (#1270)
+- Fix: Screen capture regression (#1309)
+- Fix: [WIN] crash sometimes when Back/Forward key is received
+- Fix: Crash when access xhr.response as ArrayBuffer from Node context
+- Fix: [security] app:// protocol available in iframe with nwdisable (#1255)
+0.8.0 / 10-30-2013
+- Chromium updated to 30.0.1599.66 (now shown in nw:version)
+- Support crash dumping: if node-webkit crashes, your users or you can attach the dump file in bug reports. It contains stack trace information which is helpful to locate the root cause. See
+- i18n of built-in mac menus: the built-in menus created for Mac are now translated to 53 languages with strings from upstream. For the list of languages, see
+- Linux: environment variable override for the proxy settings. Use '--v=1' to see whether it's applied from the environment or GSettings. The following environment variables are supported: 'all_proxy', 'http_proxy', 'https_proxy', 'ftp_proxy', 'no_proxy', 'SOCKS_VERSION', 'SOCKS_SERVER'.
+- Fix: Date pickers language is always English regardless of current locale. (#669)
+- Fix: File dialog's language is always English regardless of current locale.(#103)
+- Fix: gui.App error in CallStaticMethodSync when using multiple windows (#1187)
+- Fix: console.log() output in terminal.
+- Fix: -webkit-app-region: drag don't work any more once it maximized.
+- Fix: crash on using filesystem API: quota and persistent storage
+- nw.gui.Window: add 'devtools-closed' event; always send 'devtools-opened' event.
+- nw.gui.Window: add 'isDevToolsOpen()' to query the status of devtools.
+- Support media enumerable API from upstream 30 (#632)
+- Win: embedding manifest to fix tooltip
+- Override lang setting from cmdline argument (--lang)
+- Use current locale in Header 'Accept-Language' (#1240)
+- Mac: Fallback to 'en-US' when locale pak file is missing and don't quit.
+- Fix crash on exit: PageClickTracker is deleted twice
+- Linux: make frameless window resizable (#142)
+- Fix crash when there is apostrophe in the full path (#1206)
+- Fix Devtools: Use the most recent version of script for the same URL
+- undefine window.webkitSpeechRecognition before it's supported
+0.7.2 / 08-26-2013
+- Window.showDevTools() accepts iframe object as the first parameter
+- Fix: Mac - 0.7.x crash after copy/paste/edit (keypress) input field (introduced in upstream) (#1017)
+- Fix: 0.7.0 nw.exe still in memory after using a "close/quit" command bug (#984)
+- Fix: have some means to disable the debug.log file; debug.log file is now disabled by default. Use '--enable-logging' to turn it on. (#1031)
+0.7.1 / 08-19-2013
+- Enable the screen capture support for getUserMedia (#576)
+- nw-gyp updated to 0.10.9 to work with latest Node (v0.10.16)
+- Fix regression: app cannot start from path contains '\x' (win)
+- Fix: A query string in app:// address in "main" property inside the manifest freezes node-webkit (#990)
+- Fix: nw.exe still in memory after calling 'App.quit()' in some cases (#984)
+- Fix: window unmaximizes when show is called (win) (#987)
+- Fix: Application Crash when quitting with secondary window on top (OSX) (#486)
+- Fix: Headers file is updated to allow building native modules
+- Report a clear message to console when nw.pak is missing
+0.7.0 / 08-12-2013
+- Support `app://` protocol (#363)
+- Support setting value for file input (#927)
+- New API: get the values from manifest with `App.manifest`
+- Changed API: full command line is passed as the parameter of `` event
+- Fix: remove `alert()` dialog title on OSX
+- Fix: Sometimes `Window.focus()` doesn't work (#933)
+0.6.3 / 07-23-2013
+- Add App.getProxyForURL() to query proxy for URL (#130)
+- Save breakpoints and settings in devtools (#98)
+- [Win] keep the ampersands character in dialogs (#901)
+- Fix: can't access `file://` URIs when using a remotely hosted app (#871)
+- Fix: devtools freeze on breakpoints in Ubuntu 12 VM
+0.6.2 / 07-08-2013
+- Node.js updated to v0.10.12
+- New way to start applications: placing 'package.nw' in the same directory with node-webkit executable. NW will search for app as proposed in #843.
+- [Mac] show the window without the focus side effect (#497)
+- [Win] embed manifest to apply visual style for showing tooltip (#72 #810)
+- Fix: `'require()'` is not defined when opening devtools (#809)
+- Fix `'dom_storage_quota'`
+- Fix regression of using datalist for autocompletion (#434)
+- Fix regression: node modules cannot be stopped in debugger (#719)
+0.6.1 / 06-23-2013
+- Use 'App.dataPath' to get the application's data path in user's directory
+- Fixed regression: source map in devtools is working after setting `"node-remote"` to `""` in manifest (#727)
+- '' event is sent to all the windows now (#787)
+- 'dom_storage_quota' in manifest is fixed
+0.6.0 / 06-17-2013
+- Chromium updated to 28.0.1500.11.
+- A new feature "Devtools jail" is introduced for IDE developers.
+- A new API function `App.clearCache()` is added to clear HTTP cache in both memory and disk.
+- A new field in manifest `dom-storage-quota` to specify the number of mega bytes for the quota of the DOM storage.
+- Chromedriver binary is provided to use automatic testing tools such as `selenium` with node-webkit applications.
+- Fix: Crash when using devtools (#793)
+- `dom-storage-quota` in manifest is renamed to `dom_storage_quota`
+- Using correct icon size on Windows to fix the one in win7 audio mixer
+- Running nw from the command line on Mac always opens a second instance (#726)
+- How to clear the page cache in js? (#672)
+- OSX Page redrawing issues with twitter bootstrap (#476)
+- NW + WebGL (three.js) problem (#452)
+- Canvas freezes window on OSX (#381)
+- Popping up a menu twice will crash nw on ubuntu. (#721)
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