API Overview and Notices

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Native UI API requires node-webkit >= 0.3.0


Here is our APIs for creating native UI controls in node-webkit. Generally, to load our Native UI library, you need first to use require function to load nw.gui module (our module name did not follow node's standard, so you wouldn't encounter module name clashes):

var gui = require('nw.gui');

Then you create a GUI element the way you create a javascript object:

// Standard way of creating elements
var element = new gui.ElementName(option);

// Example of creating a menu
var menu = new gui.Menu({ title: 'Menu Title' });

The properties like title, label, icon and menu are set/get via directly using object's attributes, like what you did in DOM, such as:

menu.title = 'New Title';
console.log('Menu title is', menu.title);

And methods like remove, append and insert, are of course, methods of GUI objects:

menu.append(new gui.MenuItem({ label: 'Im an item' }));

Child elements are usually stored in items field, and can be got via index accessing:

for (var i = 0; i < menu.items.length; ++i) {
  console.log('MenuItem', i, menu.items[i]);

And please don't directly change elements via reassigning like menu.items[2] = new gui.MenuItem(...);, it's absolutely wrong. To update an element, just change it like menu.items[2].title = 'New Title', to replace an element, first remove it and then do an insert.

Another thing is we don't throw exceptions when you're doing something wrong in UI API, we crash. So be careful on using it. If you're reusing a deleted element, or passing wrong types, we will crash without warning you.

One thing you may not notice is after deleting objects, you should always assign null to a deleted UI object, in case you accidentally reuse it, an example is:

var tray = new gui.Tray(...);
// blablabla...
// We are done with it
tray = null; // This line is very important


In node-webkit, every UI element inherits from Node.js's EventEmitter, so you can listen to element's events with this style:

menuitem.on('click', function() {
  console.log('Item is clicked');


In summary, please DO NOT do following things:

  • Do not recreate UI elements, reuse them.
  • Do not reassign an element, ie. don't do this menu.items[0] = item or item = new gui.MenuItem({}).
  • Do not delete an element, remove it using delete item.
  • Do not change UI types' prototype.