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Changes to DOM

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NOTE: some content in this wiki applies only to 0.12 and earlier versions. For official documentation on 0.13 and later, see

The following changes to DOM is made to support native applications better:

Features marked with node only means that only Node frames can do this. Normal frames still follow the W3C standard. For definition of Node frames and Normal frames, see Security

setting value of file input element (node only)

var f = new File('/path/to/file', 'name');
var files = new FileList();
document.getElementById('input0').files = files;

script can emulate user gestures

JavaScripts can emulate user gestures while in browsers they can't. e.g. Triggering click event on file input. See File-dialogs


since v0.9.0-rc1

A new attribute nwUserAgent is added to the iframe element. The value is used as the User-Agent header from HTTP requests from that iframe, or its descendants.


since v0.5.0
See Mini-browser-in-iframe


since v0.5.1
See Mini-browser-in-iframe

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