Debugging with Sublime Text 2 and 3

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Sublime Text 2 is a great cross-platform editor for building node-webkit apps, you can download it here:

Mac OS X

  1. Download and place it in /Applications folder
  2. From the Sublime Text 2 menu select Tools -> Build System -> New Build System
  3. Enter the following code:

        "cmd": ["nwjs", "--enable-logging", "${project_path:${file_path}}"],
        "working_dir": "${project_path:${file_path}}",
        "path": "/Applications/"

    Alternately use ${project_path} instead of ${project_path:${file_path}} if your package.json is in the project root directory to launch NW while viewing a file from any project sub-directory.

  4. Save the configuration as nodeWebKit.sublime-build on the suggested folder

  5. Open a new window in Sublime Text 2 using File -> New Window
  6. Add your project to the window using Project -> Add Folder to Project...
  7. Open your main application file (ex.: index.html) from the left side menu
  8. Select Tools -> Build System -> nodeWebKit (required step just for Sublime Text 3)
  9. Select Tools -> Build
  10. At this point node-webkit application will launch with your project and you will be able to see the debugging output in Sublime Text 2

Work the same with Sublime Text 3, just notice step 8


As above, but the commands for the build system are as follows (replacing the path with the location of nw.exe):

    "cmd": ["nw.exe", "--enable-logging", "${project_path:${file_path}}"],
    "working_dir": "${project_path:${file_path}}",
    "path": "C:/Tools/nwjs/",
    "shell": true


The same process for the Mac OS, just replace the "path" with the nw path of your dist.

You can find it with which nw (return /usr/bin/nw), so in this case the nw is inside /usr/bin folder.


    "cmd": ["nw", "--enable-logging", "${folder}"],
    "working_dir": "${folder}",
    "path": "/usr/bin/"