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Debugging with devtools

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NOTE: some content in this wiki applies only to 0.12 and earlier versions. For official documentation on 0.13 and later, see

Note: following guides only apply to node-webkit >= v0.3.0

Open Developer Tools

In order to show the devtools button in toolbar, you should edit package.json to make sure your window shows the toolbar:

  "window": {
    "toolbar": true

Then you can open devtools from the devtools button (the one on the right of url entry) in the toolbar.

Alternatively, even when this button (or the toolbar as a whole) is not visible, you may open devtools programmatically (calling the NW.js's require('nw.gui').Window.get().showDevTools() method from one of your scripts). Note: On NW.js 0.13.0+ the command is nw.Window.get().showDevTools().

Requirement: On Windows and Linux, you need to make sure nw.pak is in the same directory with nw (Linux) or nw.exe (Windows).

Remote Debugging

You can use the --remote-debugging-port=port command parameter to specify which port the devtools should listen to. For example, by running nw --remote-debugging-port=9222, you can open http://localhost:9222/ to visit the debugger remotely.

Bugs of Developer Tools

Currently not everything of developer tools is working well, below are the things that don't work:

  • node modules don't show in script sources

Why does devtools show an empty window?

First off, ensure you are using the SDK version of NW.js. The Normal version can still launch the Chromium developer tools window, however it will be empty.

Under certain network settings, it may show a white page for devtools. This might not be a bug of node-webkit, devtools in node-webkit is indeed a remote debugger, it needs to open a local server and transfer data via sockets.

So if you encounter empty window when opening the devtools, please check following things:

  • nw.pak should be in the same directory with nw.exe.
  • Your proxy settings: bypass localhost in the settings.