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History / Dragging files into page

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@hugoruscitti hugoruscitti I have tested on the new version 88b8674
@AdaptiveThinking AdaptiveThinking Updated Dragging files into page (markdown) f6e2ab5
@AdaptiveThinking AdaptiveThinking fixed wrong css 2d0d8d1
@Mithgol Mithgol there's probably a typo if the `dataTransfer` object is meant originally; also, a separate line for the field's name seems not very necessary 7da7196
@joeellis joeellis Updated Dragging files into page (markdown) 47adca2
@mgutz mgutz add code to prevent default drag 'n drop behavior 6947f4d
@zcbenz zcbenz Created Dragging files into page (markdown) ef4800b
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