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Mini browser in iframe

Micleusanu Nicu edited this page Jul 13, 2014 · 6 revisions

node-webkit has special support to let you load external websites in an iframe in your application. 3 attributes nwdisable, nwfaketop and nwUserAgent of the iframe element are introduced to do this:

  • nwdisable (since 0.5.0) is used to disable Node support in the iframe and make it a Normal frame (see Security)
  • nwfaketop (since 0.5.1) is used to trap the navigation and the access (such as, window.parent) in this iframe.
  • nwUserAgent (since 0.9.0-rc1) is used to specify the User-Agent header of HTTP requests. See Changes-to-DOM

For more discussion, see

More features which would help on this topic:

  • Window.eval(), inject-js-start, inject-js-end, document-start and document-end in Window
  • Ignoring X-Frame-Options HTTP header. See Security.
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