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What doesn't work on your side?


Audio should work. The problem should be the codec for mp3 or other non-free media formats. See Support mp3 and H264 in video and audio tag


2 extra DLL files from DirectX are needed, or your GFX card/driver is on Chromium's black list. See

Sometimes the css doesn't display correctly, such as -webkit-transform:translateZ(-1000px);. Maybe it's the problem with the WebGL.

Running JavaScript blocks CSS-defined animations

By default they are running in the same thread.

You may change it if you add --enable-threaded-compositing flag to the chromium-args section of your application's manifest file.

Lack of

Maybe node-webkit doesn't work on your computer with the error.

nw: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

See issues #136, #770, and the temporary solution The solution of lacking

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