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If your project already has a function called require() it will conflict with Node's built-in require() which has been integrated into the DOM window object. In this case you can either disable Node support with the nodejs field in the manifest, or use this trick at the beginning of your code:

<script type="text/javascript">
    window.requireNode = window.require;
    window.require = undefined; 

NOTE: If you are using the text! plugin of requirejs you also need to add some code before the require.config (or another place once the require object is fully loaded)

require.nodeRequire = window.requireNode;

NOTE: If you use nw.gui module, you need to keep the function name as require() as code in the module will call require(). A solution is to rename it back before loading nw.gui and rename it again after the loading is done.

RequireJS now supports the namespace requirejs instead of require.