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v0.3.2 release note

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In v0.3.2, there're four major changes:

  • Fix of message loop integration on Mac, which should have solved performance problem for cases that need heavy data transfer in node.
  • Fix of native modules support on Windows [1]: users should build native modules with nw-gyp, which is a hack on node-gyp
  • The ability to handle files and arguments [2], which would be necessary for apps like IDEs and text editors.
  • Implementation of window menu [3], with the window menu API you can create native window menus on all platforms using javascript.






  • Update to 0.8.14.


  • Fix crash under fullscreen mode.
  • Click on devtools button will reuse previous devtools window.


  • Implement window menu API.
  • Add support for command line arguments.
  • Add support for file handling.
  • Add App.closeAllWindows() API.


  • Make patented codecs work when users have license and privode their custom built libffmpeg.


  • Better message loop integration, fix performance issues.
  • Use app's name in application menu items.
  • Send "close" event to windows when use Cmd+Q to quit.


  • Force to use native window frame even when Aero effect is off.
  • Hide console window when creating console processes.
  • Fix native module support by linking with nw.lib rather than node.lib
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