Fully (sort of) functional bash HTTP server.
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Fully (sort of) functional bash HTTP server.

What it does

  • Responds to GET requests with webpages/files
  • Can serve text and binary files
  • Correctly sets response headers (including MIME type)
  • Correctly sets HTTP response codes, and can load error pages for each error
  • Ran a bootstrap webpage off of it as a test, all works perfectly

What it doesn't do

  • Execute PHP
  • Handle URL parameters (easy fix, it will maybe be done some day)
  • Run on a machine that means anything to you (there are a few minor security issues)


  • Wanted to learn bash
  • Wanted to learn more about networking and architecture
  • Decided to put em together

How to use it

  1. Put both files on your machine
  2. ./server.sh
  3. Script will now handle GET requests to the IP on port 80 (default HTTP port)

By default, server root is ~/server, can be configured by changing the first line in grab_resource to something else.