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Windows Azure Storage Cleanup Utility

This utility was designed as a companion to the SQLDatabaseBackup project. The format of the command line arguments and documentation were created to be consistent with that project.

This utility will delete files stored in the specified Azure Storage account equal-to-or-older-than the specified number of days. Optionally, a regex may also be supplied in order to target a subset of file paths.

Please supply for following command line arguments:

    -storagename   [Blob Storage account name]
    -storagekey    [Blob Storage account key]
    -container     [Blob Storage container to use]
    -mindaysold    [Minimum age of files to delete]
    -searchpattern [Optional - Regex pattern to attempt to match against each blob name. (Default: match all files)]
    -recursive     [Optional - delete all files in virtual hierarchy]
    -whatif        [Optional - if this flag is included then only log output will be produced]

Example usage:

    -storagename storageaccount
    -storagekey dmASdd1mg/qPeOgGmCkO333L26cNcnUA1uMcSSOFM...
    -container sqlbackup
    -mindaysold 60
    -searchpattern .*

How it works

The utility will iterate through the blob files equal-to-or-older-than the specified number of days and delete them, logging information to the console.