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Gem Version


An interactive command line tool for evaluating and debugging the Puppet language.


Please visit for more info.


Requires Puppet 5.5+, ruby 2.4+

Production usage

The puppet debugger is a developer tool that should only be used when writing puppet code. Although it might seem useful, please do not install it on your production puppet master—the puppet-debugger gem's dependencies might conflict with your existing environment.


gem install puppet-debugger

Web demo

There is a web version of the puppet-debugger online but is somewhat limited at this time. In the future we will be adding lots of awesome features to the web debugger.


The puppet debugger is a Puppet application, so once you install the gem just fire it up by running puppet debugger. If you have used puppet apply to evaulate Puppet code, this replaces all of that with a simple debugger REPL console. This means you can type any Puppet code in the debugger and see what it would actually do when compiling a resource.

The debugger will only parse and evaluate your code—it will not build or try to enforce a catalog. This has a few side affects:

  1. Type and provider code will not get run.
  2. Nothing is created or destroyed on your system.

puppet debugger

Example Usage

Ruby Version: 2.6.5
Puppet Version: 6.17.0
Puppet Debugger Version: 1.0.0
Created by: NWOps <>
Type "commands" for a list of debugger commands
or "help" to show the help screen.

1:>> $os
 => {
  "architecture" => "x86_64",
        "family" => "RedHat",
      "hardware" => "x86_64",
          "name" => "Fedora",
       "release" => {
     "full" => "23",
    "major" => "23"
       "selinux" => {
       "config_mode" => "permissive",
     "config_policy" => "targeted",
      "current_mode" => "permissive",
           "enabled" => true,
          "enforced" => false,
    "policy_version" => "29"


Copyright (c) 2018 NWOPS, LLC. See LICENSE.txt for further details.

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