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XBMC fan edit scraper
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#XBMC Fan Edit Scraper

This add-on is designed to scrape information about movie fan projects, including fan edits, custom DVDs, extended editions, documentaries, preservations, restorations, and workprints.


Information is scraped from

Currently in beta, is an online fan project database with the goal of featuring all film projects produced by fans. This may include traditional fan edits, film preservation efforts, custom and fan-made DVDs, and fan films and documentaries. is now hosted by

The were three reasons for choosing to use over the larger

  1.'s data is more consistently structured, making it easier to scrape.
  2. is user-editable, so it can be easily updated by the community.
  3. lists types of fan projects that doesn't cover, including custom DVDs and preservations.

Despite these points, is still an amazing resource. Ideally it will be added as a secondary source of information at some point.

##Project information By Dave Newton | | @newtron

This project is hosted at Please submit any bugs, feature requests, and comments there.

If you want to contribute, feel free to fork and submit a pull request. I'm happy to pull in anything reasonable. When submitting a pull request, make sure to update the date in fanedits.xml and the version in addon.xml (version format:

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