A gem containing Twitter’s Bootstrap CSS Project, a JQuery Plugin to simply user interface interactivity, and generators to make scaffolds sexy.
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Bootstrapped is a gem that helps you quickly integrate Twitter's Bootstrap in to your project to enable you to build user interfaces rapidly.

Bootstrapped also contains generators based off of Ryan Bates's nifty-generators github.com/ryanb/nifty-generators/ to help you rapidly scaffold. Unlike generators nifty-generators.


Bootstrapped was specifically developed for Rails 3 and above applications. To install, include bootstrapped in your Gemfile.

gem "bootstrapped", :git => 'https://github.com/entropillc/bootstrapped.git'

After running bundle install to install the gem, you need to run the bootstrapped install generator. The generator gives you the ability to install Bootstrapped with Less support or plain CSS. The default is Less support * NOTE: If you are using JRuby, you must use the static version at this time due to compatibility issues with the less.rb gem.

rails g bootstrapped:install [less or static]

To install with Less Support

rails g bootstrapped:install

To install with static CSS Support

rails g bootstrapped:install static

By default, the install generator will include all of the Twitter Bootstrap javascript files in app/assets/javascripts/application.js. If you do not wish to have the javascript files included in your applications.js file, include the –no-javascript option

rails g boostrapped:install --no-javascript

Included Generators

Bootstrapped contains layout and scaffold generators that have been modified to output HTML in Twitter Bootstrap markup. Currently, the following generators are implemented.

  • bootstrapped:layout: generates generic layout, stylesheet, and helper files.

  • bootstrapped:scaffold: generates a controller and optional model/migration.

  • Note suppliying the –haml option to either generator will generate haml templates instead of the dafault erb

The Layout Generator

The layout generator allows you to quickly generate a fixed Twitter Bootstrap layout by running the following command:

rails g bootstrapped:layout
OR rails g bootstrapped:layout --haml

You can change the name of the layout by specifying the layout name. For example, the following command will generate a layout called photos

rails g bootstrapped:layout photos

You can also specify if you want a fixed for fluid layout. If you choose to specify the layout, you must specify the layout name as well. The options are fluid and fixed

rails g bootstrapped:layout [layout_name] [fixed or fluid]

An example command:

rails g bootstrapped:layout application fluid

The Scaffold Generator

The layout generator allows you to quickly scaffold applications.


Bootstrapped has been tested using Cucumber. To run the tests, run the following command


Found a bug?

If you are having a problem with Bootstrapped, first look at the FAQs above. If you still cannot resolve it, please submit an issue here.


Change Log

Version 2.0.3

* Updated Twitter Bootstrap to 2.0.3
* Updated versioning to match Bootstrap for better tracking
* Updated version file to contain variable for Bootstrap Version

Version 1.0.1

* Added HAML support in scaffolding
* Fixed assets:precompile issue preventing LESS to be compiled for production deployment.


Copyright 2011 Entropi Software, LLC.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0: www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0