@isage isage released this Apr 12, 2018

Assets 6
  • Fixed OSX build.
  • Fixed Misery teleport on damage
  • Fixed missile behavior
  • Fixed solid-mushy objects (e.g. Igor)
  • Fixed Monster X damage display
  • Implemented correct windows rand

@isage isage released this Jan 2, 2018

Assets 6
  • Fixed scripting bug that crashed game on Booster equip
  • Added French, German, Polish, Italian and Chinese(Simplified) translations.

@isage isage released this Dec 20, 2017

Assets 6

Happy Birthday, Cave Story!

  • Localization support.
  • Russian and Japanese translations included.
  • Dropped TTF support in favor of BMFont bitmap fonts.
  • Hopefully, fixed bug with gamepad axes.
  • NXEngine now should work fine with non-ascii paths on Windows
  • NXEngine now looks for data in ~/.local/share/nxengine/, /usr/local/share/nxengine and /usr/share/nxengine on Linux (this should help distro maintainers)
  • NXEngine now looks for data in ~/Library/Application Support/nxengine on OSX (so you can copy remastered soundtrack, for example)
  • Small bugfixes (drowned sprite, spikes, water jump height, z-order of statues in hell, Toroko re-trigger in shack)
  • Added no-op handler of <ACH opcode, so scripts from CS+ should be compatible now.

@isage isage released this Feb 25, 2017

Assets 6
  • Fixed resolution switching bug on windows.
  • Fixed fullscreen switching bug on windows.
  • Auto-disable resolutions higher, than desktop.
  • Left/right will only activate multiple-choice menu items.

@isage isage released this Feb 10, 2017 · 230 commits to master since this release

Assets 6

First official binary release
(Please note, that the current OSX release stores data inside app bundle. So you can't run it directly from dmg)