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alias: PiHole Daily Blocked stats!
platform: time
at: '23:00:00'
- delay: '00:{{ range(0,5) | random | int }}{{ range(0,9) | random | int }}:00'
- service: script.notify_engine
channel: "tweets"
value1: >
{{ [
"I blocked {{states.sensor.adguard_dns_queries_blocked.state}} ads via #adguard. That is {{states.sensor.adguard_dns_queries_blocked_ratio.state}}% of my internet traffic.",
"Today was a good day! Why, you ask? Because I blocked {{states.sensor.adguard_dns_queries_blocked.state}} ads via #adguard!",
"#AdGaurd has protected me from {{states.sensor.adguard_safe_browsing_blocked.state}} unsafe sites as well as {{states.sensor.adguard_dns_queries_blocked.state}} ads",
] | random }}
hashtag: '#AdGuard #Security'
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