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Extension to be installed in TYPO3 4.5 LTS generating a report about Tasks for upgrading to 6.2 LTS
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TYPO3 Smooth Migration Extension

We know about the huge 4.5 LTS user-base. Let those be able to migrate to the new modern code-base as easy as possible.

This Extensions is one part of the "SmootMigration" program set up by the TYPO3 Active Contributors preparing the upgrade from TYPO3 4.5 LTS to TYPO3 6.2 LTS. For further information see TYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS Kickoff and Announcement Smooth Migration Project

All tasks are now executed from the command line.

Installation and Usage

If cloning the extension from github, it should end up in typo3conf/ext/smoothmigration and not in typo3-upgradereport.

More information on Installation and Usage can be found in the documentation folder.

Extension Development

The Extension is Developed at github. All issues are tracked at using the according categories about "upgradecheck". The Smooth upgrade project and this extension is coordinated by Steffen Ritter.

Participating in Development

The development of such an extension is an huge task. If you read about all the other things a smooth upgrade is about you got to know, that it will only work out with your participation.

The extension should already ship examples on how to implement new checks. If you feel like getting startet, grab an open issue for an check and implement it. You may hand in your development as patch-set attached to the Forge issue or as pullrequest via Github.

If you think there are checks missing about problems you encounter in your instances please report them as issue. It would be great if you directly could implement them, so others won't run into the same issues.

This extensions (by now) is mainly developed by Steffen Ritter in spare time. If you like it, feel free to flattr me: [Flattr this git repo]( Upgrade Report Extension&language=&tags=github&category=software)

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