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NxShell is the next-generation SSH client, it is cross platform, open source, easy to use, and more.


More screenshots.

Develop on source code

open an terminal

git clone
cd shell
git clone
cd core && npm i
cd .. && npm i
npm run serve

open other terminal

node devtools/rundev.js


  • In progress: backoup & restore user-defined config files(such as nginx.conf,etc) of Servers.

  • In progress: record commands that have been inputed to Server for security audit.

  • In progress: AI-GPT that can be used to generate shell scripts to manage your Servers by inputing human languages.

  • In progress: UI-interface to view Server status, such as network stream, dist usage, cpu usage, process list.

  • Support SSH protocol

  • Support Windows/Linux/MacOS platform

  • Support language for en-US and zh-CN

  • Support Sftp protocol

  • Support SSH tunnel(socksv5). By default it listen on port 10080.

  • Support ftp protocol

  • Support session config import/export

  • Support xterm theme config

  • Support Serial protocol

  • Support xterm logger manager

  • Support VNC protocol

  • Support Dark/Light theme config

  • Support session FullScreen

  • Support layout

  • Support send command to ALL open ssh sessions

  • Support Lock/UnLock ops on session

  • Support shortcut ops on session

  • Support SFTP online editor

  • Support lrz/lsz command

Bug report and feature requests

We collect bug reports and feature requests with GitHub issues.

For bug report, please read our guidance before creating new issue. Specifically, please search for related issues before creating a new one to avoid duplicated issues.

For feature request, please comment or vote under issue#193 for new or existing feature requests. We will focus on those most up-voted feature requests.

How to Install

  • Download from Microsoft App Store. link
  • Linux Download from Snapcraft. link
  • Download from github release. link
  • Android APP from github release(Alpha).link
  • Android APP from Google
  • Download package from our Daily build repo. link


  • Plugins
  • Port to run web browser


  • The NxShell community binary distribution version provides basic SSH/SFTP functions for everyone to use for free, and supports the author to continue to provide useful development tools. Welcome to donate to the NxShell community to continue to grow!
  • If the company/team needs to customize the function and apply it to the private software repository, please contact the author for technical support!


Current NxShell Only supports Chinese and English, If you are good at language translation, please contact us.

Real-world Uses

Welcome to pull request here, who use it in real team/company. We would love to have it in our list.

  • NxShell team


  • GitHub Issues: bug reports, feature requests, install issues, RFCs, thoughts, etc. OPEN
  • Slack: Join our workspace to keep in touch with our core contributors and be part of our community. JOIN HERE
  • QQ Group: 199234440
  • Wechat: yuniot8
  • Email: 82828068 At

Thanks our Contributors