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  1. nxt_pipeline nxt_pipeline Public

    A simple orchestration framework to reduce over your (service) objects like a pro.

    Ruby 24 1

  2. nxt_init nxt_init Public

    Define initializers and attribute readers for your arguments with a single line of code

    Ruby 22

  3. nxt_registry nxt_registry Public

    A simple registry to implement the container pattern

    Ruby 16

  4. nxt_state_machine nxt_state_machine Public

    A simple but powerful state machine implementation.

    Ruby 15

  5. nxt_http_client nxt_http_client Public

    Super simple http client dsl on top of the typhoeus gem.

    Ruby 9

  6. nxt_config nxt_config Public

    Simple configuration objects, loadable from YAML files

    Ruby 6


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