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An asynchronous statically typed API wrapper for the Bungie API written in Python.


IT IS recommended to use the latest pre-release from master since 0.2.4 is missing features from 0.2.5.

PyPI stable release. Not Recommended Currently.

$ pip install aiobungie

From master Recommended Currently.

$ pip install git+

Quick Example

See Examples for advance usage.

import aiobungie

# crates in aiobungie are implementations
# of Bungie's objects to provide
# more functionality.

client = aiobungie.Client('YOUR_API_KEY')

async def main() -> None:

    # fetch a clan
    clan: aiobungie.crate.Clan = await client.fetch_clan("Nuanceㅤ")

    # Clan owner.
    if owner := clan.owner:

        # Fetch a profile.
        profile: aiobungie.crate.Component = await client.fetch_profile(
            # Return All profile components and character components.
            # If a method requires OAuth2 you may wanna pass an auth token as a kwarg.

        # A profile characters component as a mapping from each character id to a character object.
        if owner_characters := profile.characters:
            for character_id, character in owner_characters.items():
                print(f"ID: {character_id}: Character {character}")

                # Check if warlock
                if character.class_type is aiobungie.Class.WARLOCK:
                    # Do something with the warlock

# You can either run it using the client or just ``

RESTful client

Alternatively, You can use RESTClient which's designed to only make HTTP requests and return JSON objects.

Quick Example

import aiobungie
import asyncio

async def main(access_token: str) -> None:
    # Max retries is the maximum retries to backoff when you hit 5xx error codes.
    # It defaults to 4 retries.
    async with aiobungie.RESTClient("TOKEN", max_retries=5) as rest:
        # Passing the player's name and code -> 'Fate怒#4275'
        fetch_player = await rest.fetch_player('Fate怒', 4275)
        print(*fetch_player) # A JSON array of dict object
        for player in fetch_player: # Iterate through the array.
            print(player['membershipId'], player['iconPath']) # The player id and icon path.
            for k, v in player.items():
                print(k, v)

            # You can also send your own requests.
            await rest.static_request("POST", "Need/OAuth2", headers={"A-HEADER": f"A-Value"}, auth=access_token)
            # Defined methods.
            await rest.send_friend_request(access_token, member_id=1234)"DB_ACCESS_TOKEN"))


  • Python 3.9 or higher
  • aiohttp
  • attrs


Please read this manual

Getting Help

  • Discord: Fate 怒#0008 | 350750086357057537
  • Docs: Here.