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belle::vue : C++ HTML5 Views

A WebAssembly Browser templating engine for your HTML5 C++ application.


The C++ effort to the web

Here we list libraries part of the Bellevue effort :

  • nxxm : html5 files compilation, dependency and easy-build with WebAssembly.
  • js::bind : bind any C++ function to the Javascript Host API.
  • xxhr : HTTP Requests cross-platform & in the Browser
  • belle::vue : HTML5 Dom access, HTML5 view engines.
  • bete : WebServer, Websocket Observables Data Types


  • HTML5 and Browser API integration : belle::vue::get_element_by_id, Element::innerHTML...
  • HTML5 datamodel views :
  <li v-for="products"> {{name}} : {{quantity}} </li>

Getting started

Clone it directly and play with the examples/ or use the library in your app :

  "nxxm/bellevue" : {}


This project is licensed under the permissive MIT License, this is done to encourage you to contribute and make the next generation of Web Apps in WebAssembly together.

MIT License, please just reproduce copyrights :

Copyright (c) 2018 - present