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Excelsior Web Framework

What is Excelsior?

The Excelsior Web Framework is a way to fast-track your project's user interface development. It is a collaboratively built front-end framework to enable NYS web projects to start on a solid mobile-first responsive foundation. The framework consists of reusable and customizable templates, styles and components. Excelsior is platform agnostic, yet platform ready - which allows it to be ported to multiple different platform/language templates (Drupal, Java, ColdFusion, .NET, Teamsite etc).

Excelsior enables teams and projects that previously did not have front-end expertise to leverage a robust responsive framework and also allows expert developers to maintain a level of autonomy to build on top of the foundation as requirements demand.

Excelsior is currently in a "Pre-Beta" version and we are working diligently toward a production-ready release.

See Excelsior in Action

  • Go Responsive: Responsive web design prototypes built on top of Excelsior

How to Use Excelsior

More Information

What's Inside the Excelsior Meta-Framework?
More accurately explained as a "meta-framework", Excelsior is built on top of Zurb's Foundation Framework and integrates many other open-source solutions. Read more about the inner workings of Excelsior.

How Can I Contribute to Excelsior?

New York State ITS employees can join the Excelsior Yammer Group to give/get support and discuss functionality/features. If you're outside of NYS ITS and are having problems, submit an issue for assistance or to suggest enhancements/features.

Browse the issues and contribute to the feature/bug discussion; if wiki documentation can be improved, jump in and lend a hand. We'll be identifying new features and improvements for a code sprint soon, so stay tuned if you're ready to contribute your coding skills.

Here's some information to help you understand how we organize and collaborate on the project

Project Release Notes / Change Log

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