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These are the scripts associated with the Hypergeometrical Universe theory. This is the Theory of Everything.

It maps the 3D Universe to the hypersurface of a lightspeed speeding hypersphere. This means that in HU, the whole Universe travels at the speed of light perpendicularly to any direction you might point within our 3D hypersurface.

HU also proposes a new model for matter, where particles are variations of the Fundamental Dilator. The Fundamental Dilator is a coherence between stationary states of deformation of the local metric.

HU derives Natural Laws from first principles and requires that the Gravitational Constant to be inversely proportional to the 4D-Radius of the Universe.

This epoch-dependent G results in epoch-dependent type 1A Supernova Explosions. Since type 1A Supernova are the ruler used to map the Universe, HU corrects the Universe shape and eliminates the need for Inflation Theory, General Relativity, Lambda-Cold Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

Needless to say, this is not something welcomed by the community. HU has been censored since 2004

The most up-t0-date article describing HU can be found here:

The map of the Universe can be found here: This map shows the positioning of all 1.3 million galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey into our current epoch. One can see a lighter color indicating higher concentration of galaxies.

This next map shows the cross-section along Declination and alpha (distance - alpha = 1 implies distance equal to R0 or 13.58 Gly).

This cross-section shows the 10 Bangs that occurred after the Universe was put into motion (traveling at the speed of light in 1E-24 seconds).
As the Universe expanded, the Universe moved through phases: Blackholium, Neutronium and finally Baryonium.

We assign the 10-Bangs to the Neutronium to Baryonium transition. At the Neutronium phase, the Universe is just made of Neutrons.

Slight variations in density allow for slightly asymmetric Neutron evaporation. Wherever Neutrons become free, energy is released. That energy drives the Bangs and the seeding of galaxies.

At each Bang (crescendo in intensity), matter was repacked by the standing waves. That is what we are seeing in that Universe cross-section.

Please, feel free to ask questions and replicate all my calculations. Enjoy playing with the Universe